The Old Mill in Argyroupoli

You can not go to Rethymno and not go through the springs of Argyroupolis! A magical destination that you think you are in paradise. The landscape is green, and rivers are everywhere, and springs with water !! Plane trees, lemons, bananas, the sound of cicadas in combination with the cool waters that fall from the small waterfalls, make you relax and…


Lamps or Cretan socks or socks

Filled with unsalted cream cheese or mizithra, with cinnamon or vanilla or mastic aroma. No matter how you eat them, they definitely stay in your memory for the uniqueness of the taste but also for their taste.

Petousis Restaurant

Heard of course for its excellent counterpart and for the dolmadas but also for many traditional dishes of Cretan cuisine and not only.


Favorite patties with cream cheese in many variations and for every occasion. A sweet loved by everyone and of course in all the houses of Crete in a prominent position.