Anavryti Tavern


Near Kalamata, about 20 minutes from the center, is a wonderful stone-built traditional village, which goes by the name of the great Mantineia. There, in its alleys, a small tavern, heard about the area, the "sprinkler" welcomes us and confirms all the good words we had heard.

Very easy to find, since it is almost next to the village church.

There we are welcomed by George, who is also in charge since 2010 where he was approached by his uncle Mr. Kosteas where he had opened the tavern in 1953.

The building is from 1947 and retains the picturesqueness and style of the village tradition. Corners with taste made, where they testify to its antiquity and tradition.

The wonderful view with the background of the gorge up to the Messinian gulf, will take your breath away.

George, pleasant, familiar and generous, hurried to explain the menu in detail and suggest the following dishes.

Homemade cheese salad, grilled sausage, pork shoulder, goat with wonderful potatoes, Messinian Mani spaghetti, freshly boiled beetroot salad, wonderful eggplant with feta and gruyere in clay, salted unbelievable, salted unripe, feta grilled she makes with all her craftsmanship.

Admittedly she is a gold digger since all her dishes were very tasty and what she left you… is that you ate traditional mommy food.

In the end, they offer you wonderful fluffy honeyed hot donuts with cinnamon.

Mrs. Iphigenia will share with us the wonderful its traditional Messinian Mani famous pasta and thank you very much.

If you are in Kalamata, it is worth passing by the tavern Anavryti and you will not regret it. You will definitely be left with the best memories, with wonderful landscape images, but also with the most unforgettable traditional flavors.

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