Nutritious fruit salad


We all know the nutritional value of fruits. They bombard our body with vitamins, and rejuvenate it, after a stressful and tiring day.

So what better than a fruit salad fresh, delicious, light, and aromatic !!

The strawberry is full of vitamins B and C and potassium, iron, manganese and a lot of fiber. Antioxidant, anti-cancer anti-inflammatory, with cardiovascular benefits, beneficial effect on vision, sugar, rheumatoid arthritis and much more.

Blueberry, or blueberry, the ultimate elixir of longevity. Guardian angel for our body The drink "myrtinite wine" of the goddess Aphrodite who drank it for health, longevity, beauty, and the "myrtle oil" that enjoyed the taste, color and aroma. Rich in vitamins A, C, E, B-carotene, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, minerals and minerals, fiber, pectin, anti-cancer, helps vision, heart and brain function, urinary system, and of course its king anti-aging as it helps neurodegenerative diseases. Stimulates memory, neutralizes free radicals.

Orange is our favorite. Rich in vitamin C, A, B1, it contains phosphorus, calcium, potassium, and sugars. Anticancer with anti-inflammatory action and strong antioxidant properties. It lowers cholesterol and strengthens the immune system and prevents kidney stones.

Our wonderful green apple is so fragrant and beneficial! It is rich in fiber, vitamins A, B, C, helps fight arthritis, helps our small intestine, and of course… in our hair, our skin, and weight loss !!!

Raspberries or raspberries raspberries. Wonderful strong taste with very high nutritional value. Rich in vitamin C, K, and K, folic acid, magnesium, potassium and copper. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory anti-cancer, fight against sugar and obesity

Mango, the king of fruits! a hearty fruit wonderful in taste in aroma and with great nutritional value. Rich in B-carotene shield against cancer, it contains almost all the daily needs of our body in vitamins C, A, B, calcium, magnesium, and complex carbohydrates where they help stimulate the metabolism and thus help our body burn more calories. .

Our wonderful pineapple that stands out, full of nutrients, riboflavins, thiamine, B5, B-carotene, magnesium, vitamin C, copper, zinc, folic acid that enhances fertility in men and women. Antioxidants, care for our skin by killing free radicals, and with the help of vitamin C helps to produce collagen in the skin. From pineapple we can get the source of BROMELI. It is the ingredient that breaks down proteins and facilitates digestion.

Banana, the wonderful! It comes from the Arabic word baban which means finger. The favorite fruit of young and old, favorite for nutrition, taste, aroma, but also for how practical it is in transport and storage! In a school bag, on the desk, in a fruit bowl, in the carrying bag… Banana unique, against stress, against anemia, rich in potassium, against cramps, for heartburn, physical and mental fatigue, rich in vitamins A, B, D, E, iron, selenium, zinc. What else do you want from a fruit?

Our precious peach! A cosmetic that is eaten.! Almost 90% is made of water which means that our skin loves it. Together with the rich vitamin A and C but also B-carotene, where it contains it makes it irresistible because in addition to our skin, it pays attention to our diet, the better bowel function thanks to the rich fiber it contains.

Figs. One of the first fruits cultivated and dried by the ancient Greeks. From the beginning of the book he tells us about the fig leaf that Adam and Eve covered their bodies. Cleopatra's favorite fruit but also fatal after she lost her life from a snake bite which was in a basket of figs. The famous figs of Evia of my favorite place, therefore, have no fat and are rich in potassium, calcium (half a cup of figs is equivalent to half a cup of milk). Full of fiber prebiotics, antioxidants make this wonderful fruit to be first in our tastes. Whichever fig you choose white, black, red or orange (the small ones), they will definitely taste what is being made and you will get valuable nutrients.

The only grape !!! Full of vitamins A, B, C, potassium, phosphorus, and iron. Increases diuresis, fights fluid retention, and eliminates toxins. It has anti-aging and anti-cancer properties and its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action

Method of preparation

We choose as many fruits as we can in variety. We cut them into pieces and we prefer not to remove their skin. Squeeze an orange and pour over our fruit salad. Serve frozen.

  • We can put chopped mint leaves inside
  • It goes perfectly if we accompany it with various cheeses.
  • We can also accompany it with ice cream, whipped cream etc.

The wonderful fruits used for the recipe are from the company Καραντινός Α.Ε.

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