It comes from the Turkish word quarter, means sweet bread with yeast.

In our country it is an integral part of the big holidays Christmas and Easter

Its significance is symbolic that Easter refers to the resurrection of Christ that the flour comes to life and becomes bread, while the shaping in the shape of a braid symbolizes the removal of evil spirits

So for the unique buns, puffy puffs very tasty and fragrant, that surely whoever makes them will steal the impressions !!!!! I give you my word that if you follow step by step the result will satisfy you unimaginably !!!!


  • 400 g of lukewarm to hot water
  • 60 g of fresh yeast
  • 140 g butter (70 fresh-70 vegetable) melted (be careful not to burn it)
  • 360 g sugar
  • 3 eggs
  • 1,100 g of strong flour (the hard for bread buns etc) and around 100 g as much as we mold as it will take
  • 4 gr mahlepi
  • 3 gr
  • A pinch of salt
  • Or vanilla
  • Almond fillet
  • +2 egg whites for spread


  1. First of all, we gather all our materials in front, do not look for them along the way.
  2. We have 400 g in front of us lukewarm to hot water.
  3. We take from the amount of water a little and a little flour from the amount that we have and our yeast and we make a porridge.
  4. I let the yeast rise
  5. While the yeast swells in a bowl, I gather the ingredients (flour, salt, mahlepi, kakoule, sugar, butter, vanilla, eggs)
  6. Once the yeast is ready, add it to the bowl and the rest of the water (be careful to be lukewarm to hot) and knead gently, carefully with as few movements as possible.
  7. Leave the dough to rise for 1 -1 ½ hour in a warm place.
  8. Once it swells I make braids. I let it inflate again and double my braids.
  9. Once they are ready, I spread them with egg white and sprinkle almond fillet on top. The application should be done gently and gently so that they do not deflate
  10. Bake at 170 degrees for about half an hour. (in 20 minutes we look at them) baking can vary from oven to oven. It can not exceed 40 minutes though.

The bun should be inflated 3 times until baking. Dough loves heat. Therefore, make sure that all the materials are at room temperature and that they are inflated in a warm place.

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