Tzivras Restaurant


My road took me to the wonderful Argostoli. Great place, beautiful place. The sea with the green of the mountain bring out a magical landscape that leaves no one indifferent.

The people are hospitable and smiling and willing to help you.

My friend and very good chef Stamatis advised me to go for a good meal at the restaurant in Tzivras.

And he was right! Where the tradition with the taste, where the grandmother's pot meets the knowledge and the ladle of Mars the result is simply… unforgettable…

The traditional restaurant was opened in 1933 by my grandfather.

In 1953 there was a big earthquake and everything fell apart. 1964 the father and his brothers re-enter the store and work until today, when he is in the 3rd generation of children…

They work Greek traditional cuisine with influences from Venetian cuisine (such as tripe) because it was over 100 years with Venetian and English.

The store is open every day until 5:30 pm.

You will find traditional dishes such as the famous meat pie and cod pie.

Followed by braised rabbit, braised tripe, beef stew, braised goat etc

It is worth mentioning about their own wine that they cultivate and produce the robola that they have until July-August.

When you enter the store, you are magically transferred to a time capsule in your childhood, where the checkered tablecloths, the old photos and the old mirror remind you of memories that you had forgotten for a long time now ..

The food arranged in a row, you no longer know how to try it first… you get want it all!

We sat at a wonderful corner table where from the window I could see the Alexandrian with the sign of the store.

Soon the dishes started coming… and one by one everything was wonderful. It was one of the foods that reminds you of grandma, village and mommy care.

The raw materials were pure, they brought out the aromas and flavors that I had forgotten existed, in combination with their wine (robola) and the old Greek folk music, you relaxed so much ... that you forgot the time…

I watched the customers who while they came anxious and hurried, all later left with smiles and happy.

Is there a nicer reward for a shopkeeper than this?

I really look forward when I return to the wonderful Argostoli to visit the restaurant Tzivras to cheer the soul and the spirit and my taste and smell!

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