Dough for fresh pasta


First of all, do not be afraid! It is a very easy dough that is very easy to make; like beating eggs for an omelette!

The pasta that we will make is very delicious, that even without sauce, only with butter and grated cheese they become delicious!

The ratio that we will follow is in 100 g flour for all uses 1 egg (around 50 g), salt and a few drops of oil.


Put the flour and salt in a bowl and open a hole in the middle. Put our eggs and the oil in the hole and mix at the beginning with a fork, slowly, taking our flour around the walls. (As we beat the eggs for our omelette)

When we can no longer with the fork, we start by hand.

Our dough will be ready when it has taken all the flour. We make it into a ball and wrap it with a film to rest for about an hour.

Once the time has passed, we shape it again and make it into a roll, in which we cut it into equal parts. We take a part, we cover the rest so that they do not dry out.

We open our dough quite thin dough (like a sheet of paper) and cut it into whatever shape we want.

For noodles, fold our sheet and add it to the intermediate flour so that it does not stick.

For spaghetti we roll our sheet.

For farfals (bows) we cut our leaf into square pieces and then with our two fingers we press in the middle collecting the leaf.

Boil them in much less time because they are fresh.

Our dough can be kept in our refrigerator for up to two days because it has fresh eggs.

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